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taken, the black horse in the photo belongs to one of my tent mates.

There was some excitement in Cairo the other night, in the shape of a riot in which only soldiers took part. It was a disgraceful affair & was started by some drunk infantryman. They made a raid on a block of buildings in the heart of the city, which were mostly houses of ill fame & threw out all the furniture & stuff, & made a huge bonfire in the street. The permanent military police turned out but could'nt do anything. They fired on the mob with revolvers, only two or three shots & wounded a couple of chaps. Finally things quietened down & now its long forgotten. Mick Shanahan (note the name) is our troop leader – a lieutenant - & happened to be in town at the time. Mick cant keep out of any scrap, & would'nt miss it for worlds, so he weighed in & took about 10 rioters at once.

I wish I could have seen them before they went. Well darling I'll close now & write a couple of post-cards to the kids. Write as soon as you find time & let me know how everything is getting on & send more photos.
Best love mormy dear from your boy John

[two hearts drawn with the word "PLAIN" written above them and '''EARTS" written under them]

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