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of billiards. Before I forget it Nance, Gorton says he knows Jim Bain well, he was his greatest friend at school. He reckon Jimmie Bain is a good fellow. You've got a photo of Gordon Robertson show it to Bain & tell him Gordon says cheer-oh to him etc, Well Mum I'm a signaller now, a squadron signaller, I was transferred to them the other day. You see there is a section of four squadron signallers to each squadron. These men are always with the squadron, & when we are in action we're always in or near the firing line, & send & receive messages from the Regimental signaller at Brigade Headquarters. You see – in action we will have to keep in touch with the Brigade H.Q. Where ever that is.

[Sketch depicting a hypothetical "Town" in which "Brigade H.Q." is located. Then some lines depicting the location of "A. Sqdn" and "B.Sqdn" and an arrow pointing to where "we four" squadron signallers would be positioned. Another line shows the location of the "Enemy"]
Well there are all sorts of rumours as to our leaving here shortly but I don't vouch for their truth. Our major says that we might have to leave in about a week but there is nothing definite about it yet. We're supposed to be going to the Suez Canal. Of course this only applies to the 2nd Light Horse, 500 of us.

24/1/15 We are not going after all but only going to shift to the other side of Cairo near the pyramids

Sunday 24th 1915
I lost this letter & did'nt send it by the same post as the Aunt's ones
Just found it 10 minutes ago, The mail goes tonight. Well there has'nt been

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