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him with silent respect. Ober Lt Gerard Felmy came down to Huj in a 2 seater Albatross Scout, introduced himself to Claude, & warmly congratulated Claude, on the fight he had put up. (G. Felmy had brought Claude down).

He then asked Claude if he had seen the Holy City. Claude had'nt so Felmy took him for a joyride to Jerusalem & then over to Ramleh, (the Hun aerodrome site) where he was guest of the Germans for over a week.

They invited us to take his kit over, (as he had nothing) & drop it on their aerodrome. Capt Jones went over with Claude's kit & came down to within 100 ft of their aerodrome & dropped it. They were all out waving to him. We sent letters to Claude, his mail, photos to both he & the Felmy's, & a letter of thanks to them for all their kindness.

Felmy came over to our aerodrome a few days later in his scout. Our "Archies" were blazing into him & shells bustin' all round him. He looped the loop over our aerodrome dropped a large message bag & went off like hell.

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