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"scrap" in the air with Gerard Felmy our friendly adversary. He flies an "Albatross" Scout, & can do just double my plane's speed His 120m.p.h. mine 60m.p.h.

We exchanged a few shots but he "beat it" because 3 more of our machines came on the scene.

So you see we have some quite thrilling times.

Each pilot only flies every third day, about, & then only for about 2½ or 3 hours, so we get plenty of time to ourselves.

I'm sending you out as many snaps as I can, soon as I get back I sent some to you, by Ivan Young but they were not fixed so I'm afraid they will fade, but "maleesh" I can send much better ones soon I hope.

Well I'll tell you some more things of interest.

To begin with the German Air Service opposed to us here in Palestine, are sports & thorough gentlemen. We have ample proof that Capt. Felmy (the C.O.) & the Ober. Lt. Gerard Felmy (his brother) are all this & more.

On every occasion when we have sustained

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