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The Y.M.C.A. with H.M. Troops]
I got your last letter safely Mum & Joan's "Health Catalogue"

1st May 1915

Darling Mormy & Kids
Just this short note to let you know I'm still well & kicking. You'll all have heard by now of the fighting our boys did at the Dardanelles. They made a great fight. Gordon Robertson's brother a major is second in command of the 9th infantry (Queenslanders) & he came back here with the wounded. He was shot in the side (slightly wounded) early in the fight. He was just giving his men the word to charge when he was hit. He told Gordon all about it, & of course we got it all. The slightly wounded are coming into Heliopolis thick & fast. The more seriously wounded are being left at Alexandria. Needless to say we are itching to imshi off & join in the dishing up of the beggars. Some of us

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