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escorting the "recco" machine. He was in a single seater. Capt Brooks an English pilot, was also in a single seater ('Tyneside) escorting the "recco" bus, which was a BE2E with pilot & observer. Jack Potter was the pilot of the "recco" bus but I forgot who the observer was.

Anyway, while over enemy lines they were all attacked by Hun machines. Brooks was brought down (shot) & killed. Vautin, was going good, but got his propeller shot off, & a control shot away, (this was happening at about 8,000 ft.) & he crashed, but was not hurt himself. In the meantime the "recco" machine (Potts) had got away, after a running fight. Poor old Brooks plane had collapsed at a height of about 7,000 owing to being "shot up" by the enemy, & he went down like a stone.

A crowd of "Jackos" received Claude Vautin with open arms & marched him into a town called Huj, under an armed guard. By the way – the Turks treated

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