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casualties through air fights with the Huns or through the Turk's Anti-Aircraft guns ("Archies") The Hun has always come over & dropped a message on our aerodrome giving full details.

This is the sort of note we have got at times:-

"to the British Flying Service,
Dear Gentlemen,
We are very sorry to have announce to you the death of Capt "____ RFC, or Lt. ___ R.F.C etc., "they were" or "he was", "brought down yesterday by our "archies" (or) by:- (here they would name the German who had brought them down.)

"He" or "they" were buried last night with full military honours. "They" or "he fought very bravely" & we all very much regret the death of such brave men.

With salutations
Your G.Felmy

(This is'nt a copy but it is after the style)

About 4 weeks after we crowd of new pilots came to the Squadron this even happened.

The daily "recco" went out in the morning. Claude Vautin one of the new pilots was

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