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the time I left the 2nd Light Horse to the time I was ready for service & joined the 67th Squadron. I was the third one to finish with the school & get my wings out of 30 pupils – therefore the third to report to the squadron for service. I am senior pilot now of the new batch because the other two are gone, who were before me, - Keith Urquart to Aus, on Leave, & Claude Vautin (a cousin of "Nugget") is a prisoner. I'll tell you of him later in the letter.

Before I forget it. I hope you got the note I sent home by Ivan Young & I hope he see's you. He will if he goes to Sydney. Ivansky Youngovitch is a whiteski manovitch so give him a good time, if he lobs.

I hope you are getting the extra "oof" I allotted (now 7/- a day instead of 2/6) to take effect from 28 May 1917. I'm anxiously waiting to hear of this from you Mum, & I hope everything is allright.

Now I'll tell you what I've been doing. The first exciting experience I had was:- Eight of us (pilots) were going

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