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I've met any amount of Tasmanians here, & all my chums of the Garrison Artillery have rolled up here.

There are plenty of shells flying about here every day but one is very unlucky if one gets hit out of the firing line. I was down for a swim to-day on the beach & they were shelling it pretty constantly. A couple whizzed a few feet over the heads of my mate & myself & lobbed in the water about 20 yds. from us. We then remembered that we had to see a man about a cat, so we did not wait for the next. Well Mum this letter is strictly censored so I cant write all I'd like to. I've received all your letters & photos. You cant imagine the joy of getting letters here. I'm in a very fit condition & never felt better in all my life. Of course you'll have left "Orvieto" when you get this.

Best of love to you all darlings, & dont get anxious, too much. Writing again soon
Your loving boy

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