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Friday 13th Aug 1915

Darling Mum
I have received all your letters safely & I hope my last letter & former post cards got you. We have had a big "stouch-up" here lately, which you'll have heard all about before now. It has been a terrible battle, the troops here have suffered. Old Chas stopped a pill in the thigh & in fact the bullet is still in his leg. He's walking about with it, & in fact until he was grabbed by a local doc today & made to rest he was'nt taking any notice of it & said he would'nt get the bullet out until after this affair had blown over. Jack was wounded again – in the wrist this time with shrapnel. I have'nt seen him yet. Keith stopped one through the mouth, not serious but it will

P.S. Will you send me a couple of Story magazines or something to read, novels, anything. They are scarce here.

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