Item 06: Frank Valentine Weir diary excerpts, letters and news clippings, 24 June 1915-1 August 1918 - Page 146

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[Page 146]

I have got a dose of bronchitis but not [indecipherable] back – I am wondering how I would stand a winter in France if I have to go there
Not much [indecipherable] & the days are slow I am not able to go out at night at all just going along quietly – What a bevy of letters must be following me up, When they do come what a day I will have reading them all.
I went to Head Quarters AIF & got sick leave, one month, hope to get advance. Going to St Ann's on Sea tomorrow
I leave at noon for St Ann's, it is warm & I am better – I have a lovely photo of my ribs & [indecipherable]
Raining hard – this place is colder than London I think – Probably go to Ireland end of this week, then return here

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