Item 02: Voyage on H.M.A.T. Berrima to German New Guinea, 1914 - Page 109

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Saturday 31st October 1914 continued.

from NE fresh shifted the vessels moorings to a safer place about   ½ miles nearer Namatanai. 6.30 pm Captain Thorold and party returned onboard. left for Kaewieng.

Sunday 1st November 1914

Light winds & fine. Noon picked up am Aux Cutter "Hilalon" off Cape [indecipherable]. took her in tow 2.45 pm anchored at Kavieng. landed all passengers. Captain Thorold who had been appointed Commandant of Kaewieng left in the Government gig.

Kavieng Tuesday 3rd November 1914

Light winds & fine. been employed discharging cargo. finished discharging general cargo at 6 pm. Took onboard 50 tons Copra for Rabaul. Recommended balance of Copra to be shipped during the night. The merchants onshore [indecipherable] to ship.

Wednesday 4th November 1914

Light winds & cloudy with passing rain. Crew employed loading Copra. 4.30 pm finished loading. Received passengers & mail for Rabaul.

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