Item 02: Voyage on H.M.A.T. Berrima to German New Guinea, 1914 - Page 55

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(2) War will be waged only against the armed forces of the German Empire, and its Allies in the present war.

(3) The lives  of  and private property of peaceful inhabitants will be protected, and the laws and customs of the Colony will remain in force so far as is consistant of the Military situation

(4) if the need of the Troops demand it private property will be requisitioned. Such property will be paid for at its fair value.

(5) Certain officials of the late Government may be retained, if they so desire, at their usual salaries.

(6) In return for such protection, it is the duty of all inhabitants to behave in a most absolutely peaceful mannner; to carry  out  on their ordinary pursuits so far as is possible, to take no part directly or indirectly in any hostilites, to abstain from communication with his Majesty's Enemies, and to render obedience to such orders as may be promalgated

(7) all male inhabitants of European origin are required to take the oath of Neutrality

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