Item 02: Voyage on H.M.A.T. Berrima to German New Guinea, 1914 - Page 47

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Friday 18th Sept 1914

Employed Coaling ship Labour employed 84 chinese 52 natives from here. Police Capt Twynam.

Saturday 19 Sept.

still employed Coaling ship. slow work 250 a day short of labour. took M. Sch "[indecipherable]" went to Matupi engaged 135 natives to help coal ship those men worked all night for 1/- per  day  night Chinese refused to do night work struck for 5/- a day refused to employ them  anymore Their bill for 3 days coaling   £87.10/- Native bill for night's coaling   £21.7.6.

Sunday 20th Sept.

still coaling ship. I was sent for by Admiral to supply labour to onboard  the flag ship. was instructed by the Admiral to supply labour for Coaling following ships after finishing "Berrima" 1st "Murex" 2nd "Grantala" 3rd "Aorangi"

Monday 21st Sept.

still coaling "Berrima"

Tues 22nd Sept

6 am finished coaling 970 tons. sent Collier "Koolonga" to "Murex". 9.30 am lefat for Frederick Willhelms haven. The Flagship "Montcalm" & "Encounter" escorting us. I discovered several German plans. Also survey reports of soundings,  tides and currents for

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