Item 02: Voyage on H.M.A.T. Berrima to German New Guinea, 1914 - Page 113

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Thursday 5th November 1914

5.30 Weighed anchour on starting engines a rope was foul of propeller. Cleaned same at 7 am proceeded. 9 am anchoured at N.G. Coy  plantation Na  Manne Isl. took onboard 150 bags Copra 10.30 am steamed over to Wutu Isl and took onboard 250 bags of Copra.

Left Wutu at 1 pm. 1.30 picked up Sch. "Harriet Alice" of Mouton. Kinigunan Capt unable to proceed to his destination after many weeks delay requested us to tow him back. went through Stephens straits. Cleared the straits at 2.30 pm a/c SSE for Gazelle Channell.

6 pm [indecipherable]  a Motor launch in the channell.

8 pm Cape Brown bore SW X W  aft  5 miles a/c SE X E. Midnight calms, sea smooth.

Friday 6th November 1914

6 am two carriers pulled off from shore informed us that there was several white men at Kalili Bay. Germans who they said illtreated them and where no good. A/c for Kalili Bay.

7 am we dropped the "Harriet Alice" entered the Harbour and send Officers and men to Capture the Germans. They returned at noon unsuccessful the Germans having fled. left harbour picked up "Harriet Alice" who  had drifted back.

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