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that is one complete regiment & out of the 28,000 we alone, wear the plumes & are quite distinguished & looked up to by the other mobs. The Y.M.C.A follow us wherever we go, (that is the [indecipherable] hence this paper etc, & writing tent tables etc.

We are getting 20 per cent leave here for the Regiment, i.e. leave comes round about once every 6 night to each man, so he can go into Cairo. The money here took a bit of mastering but we know it now. It is milliems, & piastres.

A piastre is worth 2½d English money. We get paid in Egyptian money while we're here. I'm wondering always how you are getting on in the little home of yourn. I suppose you've written but your letters hav'nt come yet as they will have to be re-addresses a lot. I ran against Bunny Richard in Alexandria & he told me about poor old Gus Adams It.0 was hard luck. Harry Butler is here but I hav'nt seen him yet. Well Mum, Nance & "Johnnie" I'll stop now & write again soon, & send photo.

Best love darlings & write as soon as you get this letter. I hope you get it before New Year. Wait till "Johnnie" Site Pot comes home with his £100 or so, then we'll have a time. God bless you darlings


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