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Cairo, Sunday

Darling Mum & Sisters
I am writing this in the 14th Aus. Gen. Hospital where I am having a rest. I had a bit of sickness out at the squadron & could'nt fly so was sent down here to pick up again.

Well I can tell you plenty in tis letter, as Capt. McNamara V.C. is bringing it over to post in Aus. He is one of our pilots and won his V.C. out at Gaza a few months ago.

Well to tell you a few things. I have been over two months now with the 67th Squadron (Aus) of the R.F.C. at Gaza (The Turks hold Gaza by the way, so we are not really at Gaza but about 12 miles this side of it. Our front line is within 3 miles of it) & have had many exciting experiences. I was 2½ months going through various schools, that is classes exams etc, & 2½ months actually learning to fly 3 different types aeroplanes. So it was 5 months from

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