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by far that I have ever seen. One of my post-cards shows it. The edifice itself is several centuries old & its great walls & beautiful ornamentation are very striking to the casual visitor. I should guess that one could purchase a house almost for the money that was spent on the pulpit alone!

In looking around a town such as this, one is touched by the thought that these streets & many of the dwellings & public buildings belong to past generations; tradition here has a significance unknown in the land of my birth and one's soul is filled thereby with vague imaginings. What wonderful tales some of the tenements could tell, if only they had tongues!

The park & gardens are especially delightful. The trees are wonderfully shaded in colour, & the flower beds are superb; in fact I whole gr must confess that the few hours spent in this spot are amongst the best I have yet known in this country. Far from the madding

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