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we amused ourselves by bouncing them against the vault walls. For a souvenir I procured a tooth from one of them & still have it in my pocket.

At the Y.M.C.A. we then had tea, which consisted of biscuits & preserved fruit, eaten by mea aid of the fingers, & tea, drunk from the fruit tin when it was empty.

June 20. On account of the mid-day heat, we rise at 4:30 here & cease drill for the day at 11. Being on 'light duty' I did nothing during these hours.

In the afternoon Alan and I walked about 2 kilos to the Railway town of Achiet-le-grand and commenced our business there by visiting the Expeditionary Force Canteen. After that we went strawberry hunting, no altogether without success, although I am afraid many of our finds were not as ripe as they might have been. We visited the motor transport repair

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