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in correct battle formation we stormed an imaginary objective. No opposition being put up, we were completely successful.

Alan & I later went over to one of our observations balloons & made a thorough tour of inspection. The balloon itself is of the ordinary type with square basket suspended. An officer and a sergeant make the observations. Today it was 2,200 feet up, exerting an upwards pressure of 5 cmts. The most interesting part of the plant is the winding machinery below, which is mounted on a motor lorry and driven by a petrol motor specially designed for the purpose. A number of ropes hang from the sides of the balloon & when it descends the Tommies catch these & take their huge captive into a nest behind the trees. A Vickers' machine gun, mounted on a tall tripod is always kept in readiness below in case of aeroplane attach. Fritz was shelling one of these balloons very

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