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to me that it is the nature of the pull on the rein that tells. Thus, for a steady pull the horse turns in one direction & for a jerked pull he turns the other way. Q.E.D.

May 27. In the morning I had a fine rest under the trees by the village stream. After dinner I strolled across to St. Gratien to see Mademoiselle there. She is a fine girl of 21 summers (and winters too) and has the advantage of being able to speak English very well. Early in the evening we went together to feed the cows, and she told me how much she loved country life, & I thought country life very fine, - in contemplation or imagination, perhaps.

Mlle.. remembers well the retreat of 1914; she saw her own countrymen return defeated & out classed; she also saw the wounded being brought back to their lines of saftdy safety. The Germans had gone

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