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May 12. Our draught passed as "efficient" at the "Bull-Ring" to-day & we were immediately warned for departure to join our Battalion. As there was very little doing this morning I scaled out of camp and took a walk across the fields. These were at their best and looked grand. Along the roadsides and along the river banks were rows of tall green trees and amongst amidst the beautiful grasses violets & daisies scattered themselves. I sat on the rail of a small brick bridge for a while and admired the running brook & the quietude of the scene & then wandered on again until I came upon a tiny village nestling beneath the sheltering poplars. The red-tiled roofs characterise French villages, as compared with the straw roofs in England. From the distance on can generally discern the red patches between the trees & the church spires peering above them all. Most of the houses in French villages have a large court in front in which

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