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of the rain. In the evening I went to Molliens-aux-bois and had a café and biscuits at a diminutive Estaminet. After that I met M'selle Irma & spent an hour at her place. I met her mother & quite a number of others who seemed to regard me as quite a curio. I believe that no Australians have ever been billeted here before & so the appearance of one is quite a novelty. I like M'Selle partly on account of the fact that she supplies me with cider and café gratis.

May 23 Usual drill in morning and half-holiday in afternoon, I walked to Molliens-aux-bois and visited a quiet home in a side street for a cup of café. I love visiting these places, for by so doing, one is enabled to see into the inner side of a French home & to hear, from the lips of those most deeply concerned, opinions upon the war. And besides one's heart is

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