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May 7. Dental Parade in the morning, and a Fatigue parade to remove the A.M.C. tent in the afternoon. The latter was capped by a fine cup of tea from the hospital. (Tres bon!). S.C.A. Hut in evening.

May 8. "Bull-Ring" again!
We were lectured concerning Patrol work and also had exercise at entrenching with the small entrenching-tool which we carry on our equipment. The afternoon was occupied with lectures on fire control & discipline and also visual training.

A gentleman gave us a fine lantern-lecture during the evening on Egypt and surrounding countries.

May 9.
I was detailed as a picquet along the road South of the camp this morning. While on duty I saw a number of Hun prisoners working on the railway line. They seemed very decent chaps & the boys seemed to think so too, for, after passing a few not very complimentary remarks about them they tried to speak to them & gave them

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