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Eye training:

(i) illustration of exercise,
(ii) on guard
(iii) always aiming @ a target
(iv) indication of hand, blobs rings etc
(v) parries; stick & rifle

Collective sp. developed:-

(i) gathering round
(ii) assault practices

2nd Room:- develops confidence [because]
(i) the men can see results of points on blobs etc.
(ii) parrying, first stick & then rifle.
(iii) K.O. on blob
(iv) disarming practices: first stick then rifle

3rd Room:- is tactically sound [because] develops individually collective spirit. (The second is control), first open & then controlled assault; the third assault over open, fourth assault over the trenches, fifth works in conjunction with bullet.

4th Room. It can be continuous

(i) simple methods.

Current Status: