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to day, my only duty being to ladle out the good-stuff & to wash the dixies. As a result I was able to spend most of the day writing. It is impossible to get books of a readable nature out this way & so reading is out of the question. For tea Alan & I had home-made rissoles & custard.

Shortly after dinner, while I was scrubbing the dixie at the water-point, King George passed through in the miniature train, about 6 feet from where I stood. Being in shirt & trousers only, I don't supposed he thought me a very respectable sort of soldier, but, of course we all can't be kings, and dixies must be kept clean.

July 14. No lorries & consequently no work to-day. I am afraid that we were somewhat of Epicurean mood as a result of this enforced idleness and, having invited

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