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firing their shells at it. The spectacle of an enemy plane so close to one faded into mediocrity as compared with the excitement which its presence engendered in the hearts of the Frenchies. Mam'selle & her sister rushed out to see it, and Madame came waddling out behind and for a few minutes they seemed very much purturbed. Little wonder, indeed, in view of the desolation which the invader has sown in this country.

After lunch I returned to camp, went to the bath-parade, and then packed my kit ready for the morrow. Evening in S.C.A. Hut.

May. 13. Sunday. Breakfast was held at 6 this morning and half-an-hour later we attended Church Parade, a few of us remained for Communion. At 8.30 the draught was inspected, and by 11 we were in the train ready to start. We were in cattle trucks, but these were not at all bad. In order to improve matters a good number of us climbed onto the

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