Item 04: John Duncan McRae diary, 6 May-18 September 1917 - Page 70

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on to motor lorries & from these transferred them to railway trucks about half a mile away. This railway is on a miniature scale with a very small guage & tiny loco's and it runs right through the village at which we are camped and makes the place look a little bit civilised.

To-day I was on the earlier shift & our job was to salvage angle-iron and 'corkscrews'.

After work Alan & I found a small truck & put it on the rails & five of us set out for the Pozieres canteen. About 3 miles away, pushing our truck uphill & riding it down. We enjoyed the latter more than the former.

Coming home, we were flying down a steep hill at a terrific 'bat' when we caught sight of a petrol loco, coming in the opposite direction on our line.

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