Item 04: John Duncan McRae diary, 6 May-18 September 1917 - Page 69

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dozen empty petrol tins, a fritz Fritz dixie, a Rum jar, divers pieces of iron, wire etc, complete our household belongings.

To make this Kennel more like home I have placed a photo of the family on the dug-out ceiling & Alan has put some fine big poppies in a jar which he picked up and which adors now adorns our main – and only – entrance.

We purchased a few things at the canteen this afternoon & so we able to enjoy 'some supper'. Alan made some café-au-lait & this washed down very comfortably with a few biscuits.

July 6. We all slept in till "Cookhouse" went at 8 A.M. At 9 we were divided into two parties, to work in shifts from 9-3 & 3-7 respectively. We were detailed to salvage certain articles from the ruins for use at the Front. These things we pulled out, loaded

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