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Rabaul 21st Sept. 1914

I.  In the conditions for surrendering all Government Officials were to be given the opportunity to arrange their private affairs.
Through the re-arrest of the officials this paragraph is being violated.

II.  The step to be taken is accounted for by the desertion of troops and laborers - the reason for which must be put down to fear and the fact of losing their old officials.

III.  Those officials who are on parole are bound by their word of honor.  This has not been broken.  The parole is respected all over the world, also by those who take it.

We therefor ask that untill our departure to Australia we be allowed to remain in our houses in order to arrange our affairs and pack our belongings, which by the way to some extent have been taken possession of by the troops.

Sgd  E. B. Berghausen
Imperial Districts Official

Current Status: