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[Draft of part of the document, pages 36 and 37]

3 (d)  The governor asks what will be done with the armed coloured troops now in the field.  The Brigadier agrees to transfer these to the military administration if they are found satisfactory, as it is understood that the safety of the white population depends to an extent on there being coloured constabulary to keep the natives in order.

(e) As it is intended that the administration shall be carried on under the control of British Officers it is not proposed to retain the civil officials of the late German administration in their positions except, those who may be considered necessary to retain in an advisory capacity, in which case, their formed salaries would be continued, provided they took the oath of neutrality.

Those not required and those who will not take the oath will be deported to Australia and will have no obstacle placed against their returning to Germany as soon as possible

(f)  As the administration of the Country is to be conducted by the British military Commander, all monies and property now in possession of the late German administration be transferred to the Brigadier Commanding on condition that local laws and customs remain in force as far as is convenient with the military situation

(g)  German officials now in charge of outlying parts of German New Guinea will continue in their official capacities until relieved

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