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Translation of Wireless Message from "Komet"

Rabaul on the 11th September are 3,000 or 11,000 Englishmen also in Herbertshohe, Toma.  It is said 17 English Ships are in Rabaul, 11 Warships and 6 Transport ships.  Pitapaka was taken after fight.  Wireless Tower is blown up.  Overlieutnant Meyer and Horning are wounded.  70 English Soldiers are wounded including 2 Officers.  15 Germans are taken prisoner and sent to Sydney.  Sumatra was taken by the English empty.  The name from the other vessel is Kolonelgesselschaft. is gone on a reef.  The crew went ashore and burnt the ship.  Japan was forced to stop hostilities by the England and America.  Paele is guarded by Sentries.  On the 18th 3 Torpedoes and 1 Cruiser with 3 Funnels came to Rabaul.  On 19th a special duty ship, 2 cruisers (small) called at Cape Lambert.

Current Status: