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No 1830
Date 22nd Sept. 1914.


From - Naval Board.
To - Vice Admiral Commanding.

From Minister of Defence to Vice Admiral Commanding.
Please inform Administrator with regard to his telegram to Chief of General Staff, 20th September.

It does not appear from the telegram whether terms set out are merely proposals or whether they are terms on which surrender has actually been accepted.  Commonwealth Government considers terms as stated unduly advantageous to the enemy.  Governor should be held as Prisoner of War and should not under any circumstances be allowed to return to Germany.  Civil Officials whose services not required or who refuse to take oath of neutrality not allowed to return to Germany.  Sufficient reasons for allowing surrender with Military Honours do not appear.

Payment of salaries of deported civil officers and travelling expenses of families to Europe appear unjustifiable.  If terms mentioned are those which Governor and his forces has agreed to surrender and have actually surrendered different conditions arise.  So far as conditions granted relate to surrender of forces and are conditions which Brigadier had authority to grant, they must be scrupulously observed.  Government however not aware that Brigadier had authority to promise that any of enemy's forces or civil officers should be allowed to return to Germany in which case conditions are void and may be disregarded.

Current Status: