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to the harbor. 8 a.m. A torpedo boat is again in the harbour and is lying under steam about 100 metres from Lloyds pier. At 9.30 a.m. a torpedo boat came and fetched the other one away. Reported to me that the boats are English. The cruiser and two-ter one torpedo boat went outside the reef in front of Herbertshöhe. Two torpedo boats went inside the reef. The pinnace Whitemann is travelling quickly to get away from the ships.

12.30 Ordered to retire. Arrived at Rakunai. Marched to Toma through Vunakau and the high plateau and Vunadidir. Arrived at Toma at 5 p.m. Toma is now the headquarters of the Government. Slept in field tents and had our meals at Hörstmann's house. It is reported that the English landed at Herbertshöhe and destroyed the telephone. Father Dicks and Adelmann were captured.

Aug 13th Got up at 5.30 a.m. Severe inspection. Field service, lasting until 10 a.m. Cleaning rifles. 4.30 p.m. marche off by way of Paparatava to Takabur. Posted sentries.The English have gone away.

Aug. 14th Pass word is ”Weberhaven”. Sentries posted. Photographing. Spent pleasant evening with Father Eberlein. Rittmeister von Klewitz has taken over the command. Dr Haber is in Toma.

Aug. 15th Password ”Komet”. Drill. Rittmeister von Klewitz [Captain von Klewitz, Commander of German Forces] divides the men. I have been given the post at Paparatava, together with Ruf (Rudolph Wolf, known as Rufus). In the afternoon there was rifle practice with sharp cartridges. In the evening we had a musical evening with Father Eberlei

Sept. 11th The Australian squadron has returned. There are six ships and about 2,500 men. There was fighting on the road from Kabakaul to the wireless station. Capt. Wuchert Senior Lieut. Meyer, and Schippmann have been captured. Horning is dead. Mauderer is wounded. After one hour's


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