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(6) Continued:
where such avocations are official, in which case the terms of paragraphs 10 and 11 hereof will apply.

(7)  As it is understood that the safety of the white population depends to an extent on the existence of a Native Constabulary, that portion of the armed Native Constabulary which now forms part of the German Forces in the field, if found satisfactory, will be transferred to the Military Administration.

(8)  As the administration of the Colony during the military occupation will be conducted by the British Military Commander, all monies and properties of the late administration are to be handed over to the said Colonel Holmes, Brigadier Commanding.

(9)  During the said Military Occupation the local laws and customs will remain in force so far as is consistent with the military situation.

(10)  As it is intended that the administration shall be carried on under the control of British Officers, subject to the succeeding paragraph, such only of the Civil Officials of the late German Administration as it may be considered necessary to retain in an advisory capacity, will be continued in their offices.  Officials so retained will be required to take the oath of neutrality and their former salaries will be continued.  Officials not so retained, and those who refuse to take the said oath, will be deported to Australia, but will have no obstacle placed in the way of their returning to Germany as soon as is possible.

(11)  For the protection of the white population against the Natives, the German Officials now on charge of outlying portions of the Colony, will continue in their official capacities until relieved by the Military Administration.

(12)  Any British subjects at present imprisoned or held in duress in the said Colony, are to be released and returned to their homes and former positions forthwith.  This does not apply to such persons (if any) who may be serving a sentence imposed by a Criminal Court of Competent Jurisdiction.

In witness whereof the said contracting parties of this first and second parts have hereunto set their hands this Seventeenth day of September 14  At Herbertshöhe, New Britain

E Haber
William Holmes

Witness to Signature of - E Haber
Von Klewitz

Witness to Signature of - William Holmes
J B Stevenson
Francis Heritage

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