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[Following typewritten pages appear to be a translation of the handwritten diary on pages 2 to 12]

(Diary of Herr Behr)

German Officers Diary of the events following the arrival of the British troops in News Britain.

Sept. 11.
4.30. a.m.  Notification by District Officer Tolke that there are two ships in the harbour.  Native carriers and the cook who had returned to Rabaul have run away.

4.35. a.m.  Alarm sounded in all quarters.

5. a.m. Telegram of four words sent to A.Z.

5.25. a.m.  Tobera ordered to supply 50 carriers and two wagons

5.40 a.m.  Telegram of four words sent to A.Z.

6. a.m.  Captain Wuchert asks that cartridges be sent to him at Kabakaul and that Schneiser should be told to come here earlier than arranged.

7.30 a.m.  Herbertshöhe station notifies that troops are effecting a landing.

8. a.m.  At Kabakaul Bay there is one fast Destroyer and one Transport.  In Rabaul there is one small launch. At Herbertshöhe there are two Torpedo Boats. The Torpedo Boats which were lying at Kabakaul have gone. 

9. a.m.  Herr Muicke who has already received his instructions has not yet made an effort towards starting on his journey.  I told him that he must at once obtain possession of the things from Ullrich, and start off with his men.  He replied: "I have nothing to say to you".  I said I would report the matter to Toma.
(Later) I reported Herr Muicke to Dr. Lederer.

10. a.m.  Herr Ullrich reported to me that the body of carriers with the instruments have marched away.  Herr Schneiser has just followed them.  I have notified Toma of this.

10.30. a.m.  Received the following instructions from Dr. Lederer. That I shall remain at my post until further orders arrive, and that I shall with Ullrich carry away the essential parts of the telephone apparatus.

Current Status: