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[Translation of  letter written in German on pages 31 and 32, from Dr E. Haber, Acting Governor of German New Guinea to Colonel Holmes]

In the field, sept. 14th 1914.

I have the honour to conferin receipt of your favour of this afternoon and will try to reach Herbertshöhe to morrow, tuesday, about 11 o'clock.  In consequense of the long distance it may happen that I will be a little late.  In this case I beg leave to ask your pardon in advance.

I have give ordre to stop the hos tilities from our part until further notice and beg to kindly take care that the same ordre be given on the british side.

I beg furthermore to point out that I have given my consent to appear in Herbertshöhe with the understanding, that I will have safe conduct back for my A.D.C. and myself in

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