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New Britain
16th October 1914

The District Commandant
Victoria Barracks

By the H.M.A.S. Komet leaving here tomorrow Herr E. Haber Representing the Imperial German Government, and until recently Acting Governor of German New Guinea is being deported to Australia, under parole while on board.

The Clause in the Agreement of Capitulation which more particularly relates to Herr Haber is as follows:-

Upon the said Acting Governor giving his parole to take no further part directly or indirectly in the present War, no obstacle will be placed in the way of his return to Germany.
Such parole shall not prevent the said Acting Governor from tendering to the Imperial Government at Berlin such advice as he may deem proper with regard to terms of peace

When he arrives in Sydney and after consultation with German Consul General, he will decide whether he will give the parole referred to above or whether he will remain in Australia until after the conclusion of the War.

I can only say that since the surrender, Herr Haber has act in every way as a courteous, honorable gentleman, and he has not hesitated to assist me in every way.  I have no doubt these facts will be borne in mind and that every consideration will be extended to him while in Australia, befitting the high office he held in this Colony.

I have also advised The Honourable, the Minister of Defence of Herr Haber's departure from here.

I have the honour to be,
Your obedient Servant,


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