the Glouster to day, the latter goes to the Peel shortly
but this will not interest you so I must think of something
else. There has been a great many ships in lately
the Beagle is to be in on the 1st of May what rare fun
we will have then. We are just on the point of
sailing in the Karuah it is blowing very hard I expect
we shall have some sick especialy [sic] the Ladies I wish you
were here to go with us. You must excuse a longer
letter as Mr Cowper will go before I come home.
Remember me to all at home and
believe me to remain yours truly

Frederic King
Mother sends her love and say
if you have any letters to send them
to Mr Cowpers as she is going to send
a parcel hereĀ I shall expect a letter

excuse mistakes

F King

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