At Sea 29th May [1807?]

Often with anxious thoughts I
travel back to  scenes of former pleasure
 and hope usefulness but more particularly
...? both with pleasing thoughts ideas I
retraverse  the mighty ocean and get
amongst you in your labor of love
and usefulness tis now I feel? the
length of the L and am almost constrained
to cry out O that my feet could be directed
to the house of the L that
my soul might be refreshed with the
springs of heavenly comfort yea if it
were but for one hour those of you
that have been placed in my situation
may have some idea of the manner
of spending this day on board ship
but those of you who have never
been on board & love the Lord can
have no criteria to go by like ?

and night doth cure the
? ?

one jot or little of his word shall
pass away - there is a promise
that is sure; & an affirmation
that time will most surely ac-
complish what a compassionate
saviour have we to serve yet
how feebly do we obey his blessed
mandates Truly we are unworthy
unprofitable servants but let
not our time our talents however
small be hid under a bushel
as there is a way open let us
be diligent giving the more earnest?
heed to make our calling
& election? sure - let? is? worthwhile
it is called to day but the
night come on when no man


I much fear my Dr B & S some of you
will get lukewarm cold & indifferent Some of you
will take offence at something or other & suffer your
unruly passions to be introduced? by envy hatred mal ..
Sloth? I began to see & hear of these things before I
left I sought opportunity to admonish you ere I
departed but time & circumstances prevented this
not that I point to any particular one let each
ask himself was? I engaged merely to please my
self my friends or those around me ? if so you 
may be assured you labours will not be found?
and blessed Go immediately to a hour? of Grace ask for wisdom & direction & seek only God's Glory the salvation of your own soul & the welfare of all mankind - Where a more pleasing talk where a more profitable employment than that which you are engaged in say? the teaching children to read the Sacred Scriptures the blessed word of God which will make us wise unto salvation - If a soul be worth this whole world surely many soul must be worth many worlds & the soul of a child is equal to the soul of a man & not only the salvation of a child is to be taken into account but should one? be


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