[Bettues?] July 4

Dear Sir

Many thanks to
you for your kindness in 
giving me such a lot of 
tracks which I really did not
expect but as you have been 
so kind as to bestow them 
upon me, I will accept of them 
with great pleasure. You
certainly must understand
Welch or else how could
you recommend these Welch
Books to me. They are all
very entertaining particular-
ly the Memoir of [Mowhec?] it appears that his parents
were rather in a narrow cir-
cumstances though the 
Lord Granted him a little 
learning and the knowledge
of the Almighty which it seems
he was quite ignorant of before
he went to Norfolk Island but 
he was very willing with 
to share with his poor Country.
I am sure the other little
tracks are very pleasant
as you have been so kind 
as to inform me that
you expect some more soon


Current Status: 
Ready for review