?  we appear to rise at  break? 
               To my dear friend let in? con...?
+ lie down again But if we consider  for one moment that we have a ? to serve an immortal + never dying goal? to prepare for an end life eternity so that G has in infintite love and? mercy allotted a seventh part of our time for the more immediate pur...? ..? of serving him with all humility and Godly sincerity.  I say if you do but consider his love to    ?    in this he so shares? to give the more as ?  head?  to attend to his laws + commandments be exceedingly thankful that he has cast your lot in place where ye may arise early make known your prayers and supplications Attend his ordinances hear his word and assist in training up  the little ones in the fear ? on? at


admonition of the Lord. Think how many Thomas (who in? called by the name of Cx ?) knowing not this day  who saves are allow  have the great privileges that ye have  Consider again the privilege you enjoy not only on your own account but on account of the rising generation the? seed the fully? sown with the  blessing  of our Maker may grow up and bring forth fruit an hundred fold  Remember that God will hear the prayers of those who come to him with a contrite humble spirit  None ever sought his face? in vain  None that as he sought his blessing (according to his ?) but hath received it  Ask + ye shall receive  The earth shall pass away but ................ not

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be brought to the knowledge of the love of Cx he will naturally be constrained to dispense those ? around him as far as opportunity permits thus he will be a blessing where ere he goes lights will surround his paths and all that he will do will prosper surely the field is large  ?  will assail you tis true Satan will beset on every hand but remember the trembler where the sinner is upon his knees If God be for us who can be against us if the Lord be on our side of whom shall


we be affraid  Arrise my Dear young friend. I beseech you by the ties of love + of friendship. Arise search your own selves wether ye be in the faith whether ye believe the Scriptures whether ye act according to the dictates commands therein specified or not  - Go not forward in your own strength but in the strength of the Lord He has promised that your strength shall be according to your day. Love Mercy do justly + walk humbly with your God - Pray for me + believe me your most affectionate Brother + friend - ?H

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