I should be much oblige
to you for the loan of some
if it wont be of much
trouble to you and if you
come to Bettues perhaps 
there are here some books
that you should like to 
read which you are very
welcome if you come
at any time - the Revnd
Mr Clay is expected here
this Evening at 6 and to-
morrow at three the one 
that preached at Llandewy 
at seven last Wednesday
week - the Revnd Mr
Herbert will be here next 
Sunday week at three. William
Herbert's Father the 
one that lodges at the 
Three [  ] you can walk
very well to Bettues on the
Morrow they say that he is 
an excellent preacher

I remain
Dear Sir
Your humble servant
C E James

Mr and Mrs Griffiths I [extend?]
their respects to you

Current Status: 
Ready for review