came up for her. she
seemed very much pleased
with all she [saw?] and would
have liked to remained a
week longer. The day
she went to [Mawarra?] we
were invited by the Baileys
to take a walk with them
to the top of [Rasserback?]
to show Miss Norton the view
but they did not see much
for it was too misty going
up, and it was raining
as we came down.
Harriet Elisa and I went
[and family?] by appointment
we met Charles King
who joined us, for his [indecipherable]
not [indecipherable] Denbigh with
Tuesday morning for Lamsden
and has he was going to
leave the next day for
up the country, we told
him he might as well 
ride with us as by himself
James Boman was also one
of the party. We eat our
lunch on the other side
of the hill in a creek
Mrs Hill and Kate came
in the evening to Mrs Oxleys
the old Lady has gone
to stay a week with
Kate. I am affraid the
Dr will start off to Port
Philip one of these days
they have heard from
Miss Hope and she wishes

[cross-written text]
but she says it is your turn to write
to her for you have never answered
her letters. Tell George we do
not know what to do with his cat
it has killed nearly [thirty?] chickens
[indecipherable] shut it up
in the loft but they were affraid
it might be dull by it self so they
shut the other poor thing up with it
and they [declared?] it now frightened of
being in the dark without a companion
Papa went to Picton yesterday. Poor
Miss Barry is not at all well.
I must now [indecipherable] for I am going
to get Mr Brooks to take this letter
to Mrs Cowper who starts for Sydney
Believe me dear James
your affect sister
Marianne Hassall
19 Oct 184[1?]

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