Coventry  Sept. 6. 1796

Dear Brother
               It gave me much pleasure to hear from you, and to find that you are so well and so happy, and that your dear partner continues firm and steady in her purpose.  The good providence of God has wonderfully succeeded the work hitherto, if when his time comes that you should sail, I trust that he will pilot the ship, and command the waves and winds, & carry you all in peace to ??.  
                 The spirit of piety & harmony that prevails among you is very encouraging. I think  I entreated you in my former letter to be a man of peace: not that I think you disposed to be otherwise, for I trust and [believe?] the Lord has taught you to seek peace & pursue it, but if there should ever be, in any instance, an appearance of disturbance, that you [labour?] by all means to {??] it: what a blessing will this alone render you to the Crew & to the cause.        I trust the Lord will keep you from being lifted up.  You are taken from an obscure situation


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