Mr Gore, who settled at Sandwich in Kent is married to
a young woman of respectable family there.

Mr [Laxon?] has had but a poor state of health & is not

[?] yet at any place.

I  met your father in the street the other day, he

seemed to be really well for so old a man.

I suppose you know of the death of Mrs Hancox

your wifes mother, about 2 years ago.

We have now an excellent Burial Ground in Kell Street

which was Alderman Clarke's Brickyard; it is walled around
& set with rows of trees & the barns turned into [commissioned?]
schools for the Sunday School children, of whom we have
a great many.

I wish to hear from you whenever you have

opportunity & hope to write to you often. We often
remember you in our prayers. Our monthly meeting for 
prayer for this friend of the gospel is now held at the different
meetings in [Coventry?] in [Rotation?] - viz.  West Orchard,
Vicar lane, Cow-Lane & Jordan Well - the ministers
pray & one of them gives an exhortation. This has [un -
-to?]  [need/meet?] above a year & is very well attended.

I hope you always remember us at same hour, the

first monday of every month.

Current Status: 
Ready for review