To Miss Jane Williams
30/12 - /17

Dear Jane
          You will pardon the freedom of my address but there is something so stiff and formal in Miss that I do not like it as a beginning - when I sent off the tracts to Mr Davies I could not find this "young cottager" which I think I therefore take this opportunity of sending it on trusting that your namesake will afford such pleasure as  lasting and durable pleasure as will not be erased by prosperity or adversity - - could we attain such heartfeeling and interesting  views of the Saviour as that dear and young disciple - I always read it with pleasure and wish the
Dear Sir
I shall be very much obliged to you if you will be so kind as to call on  W Williams  14 Wellington [undeciphered]  [Gaswell] Street - [undeciphered] - if you have opportunity - they will be very glad to see you, having seen us. Wishing you a safe and speedy passage    if I should not see you again.
I am yours respectfully
J Williams
May 3 1818

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