Spear Gum,mi Thunder Oou,gul
Waddie or club Goodgjer,rar Moo,kul Lightning Bullot,tung,ine
Colerman or Shield Koo,reel Rain Bun,na Wollow
Stick used in throwing the spear Won,i,ar Yaggan,y Cloud Ur,ar
    Hail Goor,i,bar
Another weapon used both in war & as an amusement Boomarring Fog, vapour Koon,oo, pine
    Brushy Tuckar
Club shaped like a mushroom Nullgari Nullar Clear Ground Nurr,a,irum
Bark hut used by themselves Coo,kaa,le Fine day Hu,en,y
    Cloudy, rainy Wo,cung,un Wor,rungua
Hat made by the Native women from the bark of a tree hun,ee,mar Smoke Kar,oon or Kar,roois
    [indecipherable] or firewood Wat,chair
line made of the hair of the opossum worn around the middle Ber,ine Creek Tour,i,bury Bam,mar,ine
    Hill Bolgar Bolgar,ar
Another kind of ornament suspended from the neck Wy,a,war Above U,rong
    Below Bar,rar
Necklace made of reeds   Behind Wel,lung
Ornament worn round the forehead Ping,Cr,oong Hair Oo,run
    Head.                                   Woll,ar,ing
Red paint used to paint their bodies                                         Goo,bar,rar.                Eyes Mic,kung
    Eyebrow Mil,ko,rain
Pipeclay used as mourning on the death of a relative   Forehead Com,bil,lan
    Ear Oo,rar,ing
Tomahawk Mo,ko Mooko Cheek Un,dar,ring
Knife Cud,o,lar Lips Wel,ler,ring
Weapon made of wood shaped like a sword Yerr,ar Teeth Un,djer,ran or Un,der,ean

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