Item 03 : General William Holmes Papers regarding capitulation, September-October 1914 - Page 78

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Clause 7  relates to the organisation of an Armed Native Police Force for controlling the Native population of Canabalistic habits which is an ever present danger.  Satisfactory progress is being made with this duty under one of my Officers.

Clause 8 deals with the handing over of the late administration.  Already I have received 45,000 marks and I believe there is still another 200,000 marks to be transferred to me when I meet the Governor on my return from Friedrich Wilhelmshafen about 28th instant.

As I am taking over all Government monies and property, I will of course also discharge all approved and certified liabilities, such as pay of Police, which I have taken over in the new force, etc.

Clause 10 has reference to the Civil Officials.  The laws and customs of this place are most complex, particularly those relating to the large mixed Native population.  The Officer whom I have placed in charge of this Department, Lieutenant Manning, who is a Barrister at Law practicing in Sydney, has advised me that it will be absolutely necessary to retain in an advisory capacity some of the late Officials for some time months at least.

Up to the time of terms surrender being arranged, none of these would elect to carry on, but when it became known that such terms were not harsh or unreasonable, I had no difficulty in securing the services of several Law Officers for a period of 3 months.  The same is to be said of Postal Officials.  The Postal Telegraphic and Telephonic Systems are also complex, and in order to restore them, which I am anxious to do at once, I must have men to assist with local knowledge.  At present all communication in this direction is absolutely destroyed and requires complete reorganisation.

The other Officials whose occupations are gone are not Soldiers, and as they are idle it is better to get them out of the country.  They will, therefore, go to Australia and although I have agreed to a provision that no obstacle shall be placed in the way of their return to Germany, no assurance has been given that any facilities will be afforded them to do so; indeed they may have to remain in Australia for some time.

The funds of the Commonwealth have not been pledged in any way in connection with the advance of three months pay and travelling expenses of Officials.  What has been agreed to is that such advance shall be made from the funds of the Colony handed over to me by the Governor, and the total amount so paid is to be refunded to me by the Governor later on from the German Imperial Colonial Subsidy.

This I conceived to be a reasonable and equitable condition, in view of the fact that these persons were being sent away against their wish and it would be undesirable that they should land in Australia altogether devoid of means of subsistence, in which case it would be necessary for the Commonwealth Government to undertake the responsiblity, whereas, under present circumstances, the amounts to be advanced constitute merely a loan from the Colony's funds and will be refunded.

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