Item 03 : General William Holmes Papers regarding capitulation, September-October 1914 - Page 63

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Fredrick Wilhelmshafen  24th Sept 14

Name Occupation
Kumbert Schlutze Government Secretary
Rudolf Hoek Sanitary Inspector
Otto Paulish Civil Servant
Gustav Irmer Govt Surveyor
Fredrick Hoyerman Storeman
Franz Hildebrand Planter
Paul Weiss Sawmill at Jaimis  45 miles South
Erlich Fehrmann New Guinea Store
Theodore Bindel Administrator N.G.Coy
Paul Ahr Manager Bumer Store Coy
Joseph Kaufmann Storekeeper N G Coy
Otto Schneider Salesman N.G.Coy
Joseph Rosenbaum ditto
Franz Mader ditto
Peter Niminghoff ditto
John Elmes Planter Maerr  5 kilometres West
Father William Ricken Missionary


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